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  • Have you ever struggled to be successful despite putting a lot of hard work?  


  • Have you ever felt that your friend was lucky, not talented enough to get the promotion you deserved?


  • Are you struggling to lead and inspire your team to take action while they are stuck in their comfort zone?

As a result, your work life balance has gone for a toss.


You experience frequent stress, anxiety and burnout and are not sure how to overcome these hurdles and become an impactful leader. You have tried everything but nothing seems to work.


If you have experienced any or all of these, chances are you are making the same mistakes many leaders make.

Join the course “Growth Mindset Mastery” to embrace a growth mindset and become a great leader.


They mistake learnings

with action

Statistic designs

They know a lot but

implement a little

Pile of Books

They have never learned how to put learnings to action

Online Meeting

What will you learn?

In this 2 days online training program on Zoom you will learn:

  • A practical implementation program, to help you implement Growth Mindset in your work. The course is especially designed for you to help you

  • Get 2x work done by the same team you are leading by applying Growth Mindset strategies that work

  •  Create and achieve purposeful goals that inspires you and your team

  •  Accelerate your growth by becoming a great leader who inspires a creative corporate culture

Pratishtha Bhalla

Author, Mind and Memory Coach

Pratishtha Bhalla is an ICF certified Growth Coach, internationally certified NLP trainer, Deep Transformation and Mindfulness coach. She has over a decade of corporate experience. She helps leaders access their potential by combining various tools and strategies to provide a comprehensive growth experience. 

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About the Trainer

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